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What is the appropriate essay writing format?

There are many essay writing formats to choose from but there is one style that works the best for writing essays. The best thing about choosing an essay format is that it will help you organize your paper. An organized paper is a lot easier for the reader to understand and it is a lot easier to write. A good way to ensure that you write an organized essay is to write an outline. An outline is the backbone of the essay and it is used to get all of your ideas on paper so that you can decide in what order they should be presented.

Most essays can be written using the five paragraph format. This is a popular and effective formatting style because it gives the reader three main reasons why you believe the thesis. Let’s look at how to write an essay in this format. You can also visit MyCustomEssay to get more tips from the best writers.

Introduction: The first paragraph is the introduction. In this paragraph, you will first present your topic. Up to this point the only thing that the reader has read is the title. You will use the introduction to explain what topic you are writing about. Then you will give them some background information on the topic so that they have some idea what the topic is about if they never heard of it before. This background information can include any history or general definitions. If there is any vocabulary that pertains to the topic, this is a good place to define it so that the audience can understand these terms as well. The last sentence of your introduction will be the thesis statement. That is the main idea that you want to portray by writing the paper. It will be what you are trying to prove. This is also used as the transition to the next paragraph. This paragraph should be interesting. You want to draw your reader in and make them want to continue reading. You can do this by getting them involved early on. You only have about thirty seconds to catch their attention.

Body paragraphs: The next three paragraphs are body paragraphs. They will be the bulk of your essay. Each one of these three body paragraphs will tell about a reason to support your thesis. You will describe one of the three reasons in each of the paragraphs. The first sentence is your topic sentence. It will state the reason. The following sentences in the paragraph will support the topic sentence. This is the same in each of the three body paragraphs. There should be two general explanations in each of the paragraphs. Transitional phrases should be used in each of the paragraphs to link one idea to the next and to let the reader know that you are moving on to the next topic. They can be used in the beginning or in the end. Sometimes, you can use them at the beginning and the end.

Conclusion: This is the final paragraph. It is designed to pull your paper together. It should be the part of the paper that reiterates the thesis and mentions the reasons behind the belief again. It is the last part of the paper and one that the reader will remember the most. It is your lasting impression.

This is a common essay format because it is so basic and easy to use. It can be used for just about any essay that you will have to write. The general concept can also be expanded on to make it work for an essay with more requirements.