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Easy Steps To Formulate A Useful Essay Outline With Ease

After topic selection, the next thing is to brainstorm and create a thesis for the paper. Once you fulfill these two steps, next would be to create an essay outline format to begin writing proper. An online is a helpful tool when you need to put your thoughts and ideas together. It will help you organize each of the paragraphs, and information to present. You will also be able to present your information in logical manner. In fact, with a proper outline, you will not get stuck halfway when the actual writing task starts. Here are simple tips to write your draft.

  1. Writing the introduction
  2. Usually, the outline format for the introductory part of an essay is simple. But ensure sentences for your introduction, and thesis statement are few. Also, they should grab readers' attention and cause them to spend time on your work. Otherwise, you will only be chasing shadows. Remember that your opening is the first part that sets the tone for your readers. It also has the power to make or break your essay. Below are simple tips you can follow.


    • Use few sentences to grab the attention of readers but focus on the topic. Your introduction and thesis statement should be concise and relate to the topic altogether.
    • Use a hook in this section to grab the attention of readers
    • You can write a single sentence for your thesis statement too. You can read any well-written outline example for ideas.
  3. Writing the body
  4. The body contains your main information, results and other details. But the quality of your introduction will determine readers' action. If it is compelling enough, readers would make their way to this part of your work. So a proper essay outline template and presentation is essentilal. Here is an outline of the body.

    • Write the topic sentence in one sentence. Here, mention the main point of the overall paragraph and what you are going to discuss.
    • Present your argument in one or two sentences. Here, you have to present the theory created already. But make sure it is logical and concise.
    • In at least three to four sentences, present your evidence. These points or proof are excellent and would make your arguments and claims valid. In this regard, quote outside sources that are authentic and verifiable. Get tips from any professional essay outline sample.
    • In just one sentence, present the concluding statement. Explain in this part, the significance the main idea has in the entire paper.

    One thing you also need to work with, are the instructions given for the paper. If you are instructed to use APA format, consider APA outline.

  5. Writing the conclusion
  6. There certain things to consider to write a captivating conclusion. But in all, it must be well-written to impress your readers and make them accept your points. Below are tips you can draw inspiration from to write your conclusion. You can also read other essay outline example to improve your knowledge.

    • Rephrase the thesis statement
    • Make a list of essential points from the main body and present them in your conclusion.
    • Give your concluding statement.


An outline is the skeleton of your essay. It makes putting your thoughts, ideas and results together simpler. With a proper outline, you will not find yourself stuck halfway when writing your paper. It will help you organize your thoughts and write them in a presentable and logical manner. I addition, you will save time and energy, and draft a proper essay.

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